Will it be the Little Apple Line up in the end ?

March 16, 2017 An Article come out stating ‘T-ARA’s comeback on May will be the last as a 6 members.

After this Article, MBK discussed the Contract Renewal with T-ARA members.

After the talked MBK responses that “The company & members decides to release last album with full line up & overseas activities in May, NOT DISBANDING!” 

As per what MBK stated T-ARA will not disband. 

But why these things come out still ?

T-ARA won’t be the same T-ARA if 1 or 2 member will not be there. Each member has there own trademark in the group. They’ve been in this industry for almost 8 years. They’re known as the Chameleon of Kpop, the legendary girl group. They’re maybe in a lot of ups and downs but that’s what makes them stronger with their determination.

Will it be really the Little Apple Line up in the End ? 
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T-ARA’s Comeback on May will be their last as a group.

Based on T-ARA’s Label MBK Entertainment, their Comeback on May with their 13th Mini will be the last as a group.

As per their contract will end on May, their Comeback on May 17 will be the last comeback as a group. – MBK Ent.

T-ARA is a Veteran 2nd generation girl group who debuted on 2009. They’ve recorded big hits such as Bo Peep Bo Peep, Roly Poly, etc. 

Source: Naver 

But I’m still holding on with what they said on their Interview.

“We definitely have no intention to disband or split.”

Let’s wait for the confirmation from T-ARA members itself.

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Former WGM Couple, T-ARA’s Eunjung and Actor Lee Jang Woo, allegedly to be Secretly Dating for years.

T-ARA’s Eunjung and Actor Lee Jang Woo Dating ?

Right, that’s what I wanted to see and hear. Maybe some Queen’s and WooJung Shippers wanted the same thing too. Well, it’s been years since they become a Couple in WGM as WooJung Couple. 

Some hope that they’ll continue dating since they had a great chemistry and they’d seem to be falling for each other. 

T-ARA’s Eunjung is never been a relationship after the WGM and a lot of Netizens is wondering if she’s still into him or not. Tho there’s no evidence at all.

Actor Lee Jang Woo allegedly to be dating Actress Oh Yeon Seo. But after reading this, based on Lee Jang Woo’s statement, 

So he never dated anyone too after WGM too. I hope they date for Real. 

Or if not, I hope Eunjung date now..

See you on my next Article.

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